Thursday, August 30, 2012

NYC I - Tanger Outlet

It's time for blogging!
I just feel wanna blog about NYC.
Coz I never blog about it when I was there due to my laziness again.
Okay, back to the topic.
My auntie brought us to Tanger outlet for shopping. *Wink*
My sista, Anna and I were so excited and looking forward to shop til drop!
Location- Tanger outlet, Deer Park in NY.

 Tanger outlet centers offer 38 shopping outlet malls and we just went to one of 38 shopping outlets.
 Tanger outlet(Deer Park) is so smiliar with  Premier outlet in JB, MY.

My sista, Anna is keep hunting for something. HAHA.

This is vitamin water with pink color. Awwww, I have never seen this vitamin water.

Keep complaint about weather. The weather is quite hot. Awww, its SUMMER season. Wt.....!

Both of us non-stop shopping . LOL

Ended up, we bought alot of stuffs.We are so satisfied *laughing*
US polo T, nike, Ralph lauren polo T etc....

I will update more soon.
Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Malacca's Trip with LOVE

Planned to go Malacca for trip again during holiday. 
Recently, I often go to Malacca just for the famous CHICKEN RICE BALLS and the LAYER CAKE  @ Nadeje *the best layer cake ever*

Malacca, here I come!
Heading to Jonker Walk for chicken rice balls! That's one of my favorite 
We used to queue up there to wait at least half an hour but luckily no one is queue up there. *weee, so lucky!!*

 The famous chicken rice balls.

With my love. Yeah, finally I'm falling in LOVE. Hahaaaaha

My friend recommend to me that must to go LIMau Limau cafe.
Finally I found it! The environment is quite nice.

Latte with LOVE shape. Its just looks nice. But frankly, it taste yucks seriously.

Tiramissu layer cake for my dinner. Awwww, love-die-it!
Layer cake is a MUST to eat in Malacca.

The night view of river side in Malacca.
It's so romantic.

Spend my time for blogging about Malacca's trip coz no one date me out today :(
So I decided to update my blog since last blogging on May. Sorry guys.
I will update more. Stay tuned.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Such a long long time I never update my blog since last year. Wow, quite long time. lol
Fcking lazy to update *IDKY
Sorry peeps :( 
I will take my time for blogging. I try my best la. heheee

Just post a photo that I'm doing fine :) 
Will be back soon, BYE!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Its time to go darker!

It's time to go darker. No more brighter color.
Feel wanna dye darker colour for my hair.
Finally I made a decision, changed to darker color and new hair style.

This is my previous hair style and color.

Awww, how long my hair! *Spend few years to keep my hair long

But gotta chop my hair off :'(

Tadaaa~ My new hair color as dark brown and hair style.

Too bad that this picture can't see the real color clearly.
I really like my new hair style bcoz my hair looks healthy. HAHA

Btw, thanks to Alex for the haircut and color. XOXO

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Melaka's trip

Blogging about melaka's trip with my bffs during CNY. HEHE
I had spend my whole night for blogging.
Melaka's trip!

Captured by Queenie.
Love this pic.

Finally we reached Melaka and I booked a hotel room which located at Melaka Raya.

That's me! lol
My Chanel cosmetics


Smile :)

Went out for lunch after checked in.
Queenie brought us to go Nyoya's restaurant.

On our way to go~

Nyonya's food. *delicious*

Awww, we accidentally saw my dad's car was passing by us. lol

and my dad saw us too! *what a coincidence!

So that my dad asked us to have dinner in Portugis settlement.

Satay babi!

San Sok Gong.

Bought some souvenirs for my family.

Alex and I
four of ladies

Alexis, Quennie, Anna and I

The weather is quite hot there. *keep sweating*

Dinner at Portugis settlement
Group of the picture
Alex, Anna, Me, Alexis, Queenie and Nicolas

I love the scene. Its beautiful!

My family

Satay lok lok after dinner.

looks yummy~

Non-stop taking pictures in our room. HEHE

Alexis and Alex

Me and Queenie


Alex is curling my hair.

*Thanks so much

Guess who? lol
Alexis and I

Alex, me, Queenie and Anna

My dear, Queenie

Anna and Queenie


We headed to Pure bar and meet my old friend, Sabrina there finally.

Too bad that we din't take much photo. Sigh

Last day of Melaka's trip

Red House

We are just stayed Melaka for two days. How I wish that I could stay here for few days.

once again, thanks to my dear, Queenie! Off to Genting Highland after Melaka!
What an awesome trip with my bffs. I heart you guys!

Posted about my trip finally and time for bed now.

Good Night!